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Squid Rings

Squid is everything a seafood lover craves for. Flavor and aroma which is truly out of this world, they are sought out for all over the globe. Blends well with different cuisines and a taste so distinct and exquisite, once you have squid is when you understand what the hype is about, and how deserving it is.

Nutrition Information

Average Quantity
per serving (100g)
%DI* per serving
Energy KCal/150g
Fat, total g/150g
2.3g 1.53%
Carbohydrate g/150g
29.8g 19.86%
Sugar g/150g
<0.1g 0.07%
Protein g/150g
8.8g 5.8%
Moisture g/150g
58.0 38.6%
Ash g/150g
1.2 0.8%
Squid Rings Pouch