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Before the foreign fishes entered our market, it’s safe to say Mackerel was our best bet about having a budget friendly yet lavish tasting meal. Even with the Tunas and Basas taking a big market share, our little superstar Mackerel still holds strong, and why not! Equally tasty in curries and fries and even in fish blended masalas for snacks, mackerel sells out faster than most even now. And unlike the heavily ammonia powdered fish you get in the local market, we preserve them fresh and tastes a whole lot better than any you’ve recently had. Don’t believe us, try and be a fan!

Nutrition Information

Average Quantity
per serving (100g)
%DI* per serving
Energy Kcal/100g
Protein g/100g
19 g 19%
Fat g/100g
5g 5%
Saturated Fat g/100g
2g 2%
Cholesterol g/100g
0.075 g