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Curry Shrimps

Sea Sparkle PD shrimps are, as the name suggests caught fresh, cut, cleaned, deveined and preserved fresh with no artificial preservatives. And there’s no way to write about shrimps than being borderline romantic. These small guys goes into almost anything and makes it a smashing hit. Add them to your curries, fries, vegetable side dish, salad, soup, fried rice, noodles, snacks you name it, they are like the ultimate sidekicks! And it’s not like they can’t lead the line either, the natural flavour and aroma is so good on them that they can be easily served with anything or even in your standalone dish for the day! Okay, we’ll stop before you crave for more!

Nutrition Information

Average Quantity
per serving (100g)
%DI* per serving
Energy Kj/100g
840kJ 10%
Protein Kj/100g
840kJ 10%
Fat, total Kj/100g
840kJ 10%
Sodium Kj/100g
840kJ 10%