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Fish Fillet

Processing fish fresh isn’t an easy task. You have to preserve the fish at it’s freshest state, clean and cut it to your liking and make sure you have the state of art freezers to make sure the fish, whenever it is consumed matches the taste when it’s freshly caught. At Sea Sparkle, we take immense care to all these details. And our fish fillets are testament of that. The meat is presented to you in a manner that anyone who cooks it will be wowed by how they’ve been maintained this fresh.

Nutrition Information

Average Quantity
per serving (100g)
%DI* per serving
Calories Kcal/100g
175 kcal
Protein g/100g
8.8 g
Fat g/100g
2.3 g
Carbohydrates g/100g
29.8 g
Sugars g/100g
Moisture g/100g
Ash g/100g