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Breaded Fish Fingers

There’s a reason why every popular food joint, from big to small has this one item in common in their menu. You needn’t even be a through and through fish connoisseur to like Fish Fingers. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Nutrition Information

Average Quantity
per serving (100g)
%DI* per serving
Calories Kcal/200g
175 kcal 10%
Protein Kj/100g
8.8 g 4.4%
Fat, total g/200g
2.3 g 1.15%
Carbohydrates g/200g
29.8 g 14.9%
Sugars g/200g
<0.1g 0.05%
Moisture g/200g
58.0 g 29%
Ash g/200g
1.2 g 0.6%
Breaded Fish Fingers pouch